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Search Engine Optimization
Frequently Asked Questions

How are you optimizing our website and content? 

We are optimizing the site with our ongoing methodology that includes automatic up-time monitoring, site monitoring for malware, and ongoing technical support for any issues or opportunities that arise. The core of our services include 1 blog article for each keyword  in your campaign and high quality link building for the life of the campaign from relevant websites in our business network.


I'm seeing early spikes in results. Why?

More traffic, less bounces, longer times spent, increased conversions…how?  Since we're only looking at the organic traffic, this means you're getting more qualified traffic now that the site is ranking for more targeted keywords. This is literally the proof that your SEO efforts are working and that we picked lucrative keywords. 

What should my expectations be?

  1. We will run an SEO audit on the website which will point out optimization opportunities and rank them from the most to least impactful, as well as providing guidance on how to fix the issues.

  2. Next, we do very extensive keyword research based on your goals & the products and services you wish to rank for. We also measure this against your competition. This process takes about 2 weeks. We will collaborate with you on this effort to come up with a list of keyword phrases that have significant monthly search volume.

  3. For each of the keyword phrases chosen, our content team will write a blog article, typically 500-700 words

  4. Article writing will typically take 3-4 weeks

  5. These articles will then get installed on your website with our SEO plugin. They will reside in a separate "Articles" directory, not your Blog directory.

  6. The next critical piece to SEO is Backlinking. Through our vast network of highly respected sources (in Google's eyes), we will have links to your content placed on dozens of websites.

  7. Once all of the above steps have been completed, we tell people that we expect to see movement on the 4 search engines that we measure within 30 days. Please understand that "movement" does not mean page 1 of Google.


Where is the money I am spending now going considering you’ve implemented the keywords already on the sites?

As your campaign progresses, we will add new relevant links, based on our inventory and the size of your campaign. The bulk of your campaign funds are spent on managing your links that we have built and continue to optimize. If you were to cancel your campaign, the links would be removed and the rankings would eventually fall back to where they were when we started. 


Each campaign is based on the number of keywords you'd like for us to optimize. There is no predetermined number of links that we will build per keyword. This is in large part due to our constantly updated inventory that allows us to build relevant links to your domains. If we don't have the inventory, we don't want to go build junk links just to hit a quota. Instead, we build links on relevant domains in our inventory and if new inventory is added that's relevant to your campaign, we can add a link to your site from that new network member.


In addition to managing your link profile, we are always available for consultation regarding your online business and if necessary, we will alert you to areas that need attention that are not necessarily related to the content or linking parts of your campaign. This may be a robots.txt or htaccess file that needs attention, broken links, unnatural backlinks, duplicate content, a sitemap that isn't built correctly, or any number of potential issues that can hinder your success online. 


What other SEO initiatives are you taking at this time?

In most of the campaigns we run, we are the exclusive SEO provider, making it very simple to know where the benefit is coming from. If you are doing other forms of SEO, it may be helping or hurting our efforts. We do want to know what other efforts are being made so we can do a more thorough analysis and provide an opinion on whether one effort is more effective than the other or if they are working together harmoniously to achieve the rankings you have today.

Can you please elaborate on the link building?  Are these paid links?

Every reputable SEO company in the world does their best to obtain links for their clients. Whether they call other website owners directly, create content for PBN’s “Private Blog Networks”, market influencers, social Media etc. Most create content and distribute it around the web trying to obtain links. 


So, in “reality” the client is paying an SEO company to obtain links on their behalf. In the end, what is important to Google as far as rankings? 


It’s authoritative, relevant content and quality links from other websites that are relevant to their customer or related to their industry.


We do not sell links. Nor do we purchase links.


Our fees are based on “Keyword Phrases” that we are optimizing for the client monthly. Our links are from other members in our business network and are not for sale.


Clients in our network are willing to share a link with other members in our network. Relevant links on our platform are pointed to their website, for as long as the client remains a member/user. Sometimes there may be websites that are in the industry (finance/legal is one of the Google categories) that you would not want displayed and we have that option to disable those.


What makes our links valuable?


First let’s talk about what they aren’t: Our links are not a link farm, link network or PBN (Private Blog Networks).  Each of those types of links carry a negative impact, and they all have a very common factor. The simple fact that those techniques use sites that are built just for linking.   


The name Link Farm is derived from the fact that the sites are “grown” just to place the links on.  This means the sites are thrown together very quickly, have no real value to anyone on the web, and are crammed full of links.  They also have no real stats, domain authority, page authority, visits, or search engine rankings.  It’s very easy for Google to detect these types of links and discredit them or even worse penalize you for them.


Now let’s talk about what they are:  Each, and every site in our platform is just like yours.  It’s a real person that owns a real online business that is looking to build links.  No sites are created just to use our system; we only allow real business to join.   This means each site has great domain authority, real traffic and visitors, its own keywords ranking in Google and more.  It’s this key factor that brings the most value to the table with our links because these are the types of links you simply can’t get on your own.


Deep linking to various pages within your website has a huge positive impact.


We Build Local Citations:  Citations are key in helping to increase the degree of certainty the search engines have about your business’s contact information.  Every placement will include your Business Name, Address, and Phone number. This helps the search engine associate you with a city or region so you don’t get lost among similar businesses in other parts of the country that aren’t your competitors.


Everything we do is 100% white hat SEO practices. As a Google partner, we certainly would not risk doing something that does not adhere to Google standards.


The articles we write are meant to become a domain's authority page for a specific keyword search. Our service does not function as a blogging service. The content we create is meant to touch on several of Google’s ranking factors and improve the authority of a website. For most sites on our network, the most important step in optimization is to make sure they have an authority page that Google can index as the most relevant page on their domain. Our articles are intended more to fill that function and are not part of a strategy where multiple equally relevant pages are generated around one keyword.

Priority order in which links are built.

  • When a new campaign is on-boarded, we assign it to a sub-category that is most relevant to the business model of the site.

  • We also choose 2 other sub-categories on the backend, which is not public facing. These are usually another subcategory under the same main category, for some campaigns though, this may be a sub-category under a different main category.


  • Ultimately, this allows us to build even more relevant links and links from main categories will rarely need to be used as the 3 subcategories will provide a bigger pool of better content sharing opportunities.

  1. There is a new item on the footer menu called “Articles”

    • This is other network member content we share throughout the network and will only show up on home pages with the rollover function in the footer of the site, otherwise this will only show in the bottom of plugin generated pages.

    • This gives more value to the links by having more prominent link placement on the home page vs. 1-2 clicks deep.


  2. News page links now point to other network sites hosting your keyword content.

    • Now the link on the news pages for the hosted articles will link to another member site that is also hosting the article.

    • This gives these hosted article pages inbound links from more partners overall.

    • This should be a big help as it will improve link scores for the hosted article pages.

We advise all clients to avoid: Link Farms, FFA Links, Link & Article Directories, PBNs (Private Blog Networks), Blog Comments and anything else that has a sole purpose of manipulating Google's search results. 

We utilize an SEO plugin that allows us to add content and links to any site it is on. Our network consists of more than 100,000 websites, all belonging to our clients and all real businesses. In the case of your campaign's link partners, these are all relevant to your industry.


When we have new clients sign up and add our plugin to their site, that domain becomes part of our inventory. If that site is relevant to your business, depending on several factors, we'll add a link to your site from that new inventory. Vice versa, if a client removes the plugin from their site, that link will be lost and is replaced within 48-72 hours with another link from our inventory.


In the event that you were to cancel, we would deactivate the links pointing to your domain at the end of your campaign. This usually results in a decline in rankings over time, the speed of that decline depends heavily on the competitive nature of the keywords in the campaign.


On the back-end of our platform, we automatically monitor each link partner for broken links, missing plugin file, malware on site, site uptime... etc. and maintain the control to update each link as needed. In addition, we are constantly monitoring for new links to add.


On the front-end, you too have full control to disable any link we have built. Any link you disable will be replaced with the next most relevant network domain automatically. 


If you have additional questions, please schedule a Discovery Call.

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