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Digital Advertising

It's time to step up your game!

We believe paid digital advertising is a foundational element to any local business’s marketing stack. It’s often the way consumers first discover your business, and learn more about the products and services you offer. Television, radio, and billboards aren’t going away completely… but they’re now being supplemented by things like search, display, social, and online video advertising.

We have multiple offerings:

  • Social Media Posting - this includes posts 5 days per week, either with content we would create or your content. We take the approach of 4 posts educational specific to your industry and 1 post (typically Wednesday) as a "sales" type post designed to gather leads or showcase offers. This content is specific to your business and never used for other clients. You can see examples if you look at the MarketSparx page on Facebook or LinkedInWe send you the posts for the week several days before that week. This service does not include boosting or creating audience specific ads from these posts, but you are free to do so yourself.

  • Digital Training - this includes helping you build the strategy, training you on the various platforms and includes weekly calls for each platform to help you manage, adjust and report on results. This training is conducted over 1-3 months The outcome of this is you will be well positioned for the future.

  • Digital Audit & Plan - a fairly deep audit of your current advertising spend and results. This also includes us creating a 2 month digital plan complete with the types of ads and budget across platforms. I think regardless of the options listed above, you would want to have us do this as it will improve your current digital results.

  • Digital Managed Services - this is MarketSparx taking over all of your digital efforts, building & executing a 3 month plan, completely managing that plan, creating content & audiences, ads, doing a/b testing, remarketing, landing pages, etc., extremely detailed managed services. You would be very involved in what we do and could even learn as we go. 

See our Award Winning Snapshot Report to see how we analyze your digital ad data

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