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LinkedIn Outreach
Guaranteed 5 Leads
Minimum Per Month

* higher depending on audience size

LinkedIn is designed specifically for Business Professionals to connect and engage with other Business Professionals. Our LinkedIn Outreach Program does just that. This is NOT LinkedIn Advertising, which can get quite expensive. We GUARANTEE at least 5-10 leads per month. We define a "lead" as someone who has raised their hand to get more information about your products or services.

How it works


Your Linkedin profile serves as your business website, a landing page, a sales letter and a first impression…it needs to be great!

We will write / rewrite your business profile to serve all of those purposes. We’ll clearly state the problem you solve, who you solve it for and what to do next. This is key to getting the conversation started.

Prospects need to know immediately how you can help them. Some of the things we will do are write / rewrite your personal profile if required, add a professional headshot (supplied by you) and add a booking calendar link (if you have one).


Linkedin offers some very advanced and in depth targeting options. Tell us who your ideal prospect is, their position, company size, location, industry, etc. and we will build a targeted list that matches your criteria.

People often ask us what constitutes a “Qualified” lead. The answer is somebody who matches the criteria you have provided and who needs and can afford the solutions you provide.

With your help, we will build your perfect audience together.


We will reach out to your ideal prospects every day and connect with them on your behalf, either through LinkedIn Inmail Messages or Connection Requests. Once a prospect responds to an Inmail Message or accepts the connection request, we will then send them a short, high response message asking if they are potentially interested in your services.

If the prospect replies with interest then we pass this over to you to carry on the conversation. If they do not reply, we will continue to send them “soft” messages for up to 90 days to ignite the conversation.

We use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to do this. It allows us to send approximately 2,000 very targeted Connection Requests and  InMail Messages per month.

Lead Contact

The money is in the Follow Up and this is where our service really shines.

When a prospect connects on Linkedin, we are able to pull a list of their emails and allows you to follow up indefinitely. This not only increases immediate response rates but also builds a long term asset for your business.

As we get you in front of your ideal prospects, day in day out, we are igniting conversations that turn into new clients consistently while building a large database of relevant contacts that will ensure your business growth for years to come!


We will send out up to 1,000-2,000 connection requests via your LinkedIn account each month

We are typically seeing a 20% acceptance rate on Connection Requests

Then we begin the messaging sequence (3-5 messages with the goal to set a meeting)

We typically see a 25% response rate average for messaging


1,000 Connection requests sent

200 responses / connections accepted

40-50 conversations started

We provide weekly/monthly metrics

Like all of our services, everything is month to month. There is no long-term contract to sign.

Interested in our LinkedIn Outreach?

Please click below to fill out our
LinkedIn Outreach Questionnaire

Description of Services
& Our Lead Guarantee

Generate High Quality, Exclusive Business Inquiries

We will provide and implement high converting LinkedIn Business Attraction campaigns for you (based on our tested and proven strategies) to capture new inquiries for your high end services. We will create and implement all the necessary materials as part of this process.


Done For You – We Will Create And Manage Your Campaigns

We will implement and manage high converting campaigns that have a track record of generating qualified, cost effective inquiries. This means it's extremely low maintenance for you.

Maintain and utilize email database

As a byproduct of this process we will be building a database of email addresses of people interested in business support. By offering your high end services (along with your lower end options) to this ever growing list it becomes a valuable asset. We create and help you maintain this list on an ongoing basis.



You will receive

● A high volume of qualified business inquiries

● The ability to control the volume, you can have more or less on demand.

 ● Done for You Prospecting Service

● Custom Messaging & Copy, Email List For Future Use 

 ● B2B lead generation without ad spend with a results guarantee!




LinkedIn Outreach + Scheduling - starting from $1,295 per month
LinkedIn Outreach + Scheduling + CRM Integration - from $1,795 per month

There is never a long term contract to sign. Everything we do is on a month-to-month basis.

Additional Details

  1. The only other expense is to ensure you are on a Sales Navigator level of subscription within LinkedIn. We need this level in your account to access and filter for the ideal target audience.

  2. Copy writing and creation of your messaging and your LinkedIn profile, demographic research, campaign setup, CRM integration, professional copy written email templates for you to follow up with all responses, split testing multiple messages for each group.

  3. There is no Ad Spend required for our strategies.

  4. Our ​interests are aligned here​. The more new business you get, the more you will see the value and want to recommend us to others, or provide ongoing campaigns for other services. We are completely motivated to get you extraordinary results. That is our goal.

  5. This is a very low risk proposal with the possibility of great gains. You can easily receive 10 or more inquiries each month.

  6. Privacy
    We will not divulge your identity as a client however we reserve the right to remove all identifying details and use your results as a case study

Interested in our LinkedIn Outreach?

Please click below to fill out our
LinkedIn Outreach Questionnaire

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