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Concierge Light

Best for companies that do not have a marketing resource or desire to manage their social media presence, MarketSparx will create and post content on your behalf on up to 4 social media platforms of your choosing!


Strategic Consulting

Best for companies with some Digital Marketing experience but not yet at the Digital Advertising level, this offering will prepare you to take our plans and execute them internally with your staff!


Digital Offerings

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Expert Concierge

Best for companies looking to outsource their entire Digital Marketing function to grow the business through Digital Advertising on multiple platforms, plus remarketing to customers who have previously shown interest!


Extreme Growth

Best for companies interested in everything digital, from Digital Advertising PLUS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get you on page 1 of Google PLUS Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to convert your website visitors and remarketing!

visibility pro

Get Found

Best for companies that realize that your business needs to be found on search results and page 1 of search results is critical to that. We will optimize your site, research keywords to target, write content and created critical backlinks.

outreach pro

Target Right

Best for companies whose sales outreach has stalled and is looking for assistance with targeting the right prospects, in the right way, at the right time. Our LinkedIn Experts will optimize your entire LinkedIn existence and find your potential clients.

reputation mgmt.

It Matters

Best for companies who have no reviews or are in need of new reviews. We will request reviews of your current or prior customers in a carefully crafted ask, via email and/or text to help manage and drive your reputation.


Concierge Light 

from $495 / month (1 platform) 

No time to be active on Social Media? Let MarketSparx take your Social Media engagement to the next level. The pure objective of our Starter pack is to get you social on multiple platforms. We will post 2-3 times per week on your behalf on up to 4 platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). Our posts will contain unique content, specific to your company and your industry and never shared with other clients.



Strategic Consulting 

Contact Us for Pricing 

Do you have someone on your team doing some digital marketing but you are not yet at the digital advertising level? Through a series of discovery calls, we will ignite your efforts and get you configured to strengthen your online digital presence through targeted campaigns, reporting and optimization. We will put together a digital plan and budget to allow you to manage the roadmap going forward.



Expert Concierge 

from $1,495 / month 

Through advanced digital marketing and advertising, our objective here is to drive return on your investment in online advertising by finding new customers/clients and retargeting previous website visitors. Similar to our Silver offering, we will build a strategic plan and roadmap, and we will completely manage everything. This includes content development, consultation on landing pages, creation of ads on multiple platforms, A/B testing, retargeting, keyword strategy & bidding, audience research, budget analysis and adjustments. A true digital partnership for you.



Extreme Growth 

from $2,195 per month 

Included in our Platinum Package is everything from Gold, plus our expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Where is the best place to hide a dead body? 2 of Google because nobody is looking there. Let our team of SEO experts drive your placement the right way, the approved way, the way honored by all search engines. We will research your industry and create all of the necessary content to drive your business up, way up, in search results.

Image by Miguel A. Amutio

VIsibility Pro

Get Found 

from $895 per month 

Getting found online is critical to your success. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge piece of that. Your website has to be configured properly, tagged properly, optimized for mobile and so much more. Your content has to be specific and based on research. Your popularity on the web and domain authority have to be well thought out. Your business directory listings have to be accurate across the web as well.

We are your SEO Experts!

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outreach Pro

Target Right 

from $1,595 per month 

LinkedIn is designed specifically for Business Professionals to connect and engage with other Business Professionals. Our LinkedIn Outreach Program does just that. This is NOT LinkedIn Advertising, which can get quite expensive. We GUARANTEE at least 5-10 leads per month. We will optimize your business and personal profile, work with you to build a very specific audience to target, begin messaging outreach to more than 1,000 potential clients each month & then hand it off to you once we have prospects ready to engage.

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Image by henry perks


It Matters 

from $150 per month 

Your online reputation matters, now more than ever! Most companies do not have enough reviews on Google because they do not have a process in place to get reviews. We will get reviews from your customers through our proprietary software. It's simple. You provide us with a list of your customers you would like to ask for a review and we will make the ask, via email or text message. We will also manage and respond to your reviews on your behalf. In the event that you receive a review less than 4 stars, we will contact you for assistance crafting the response.

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