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MarketSparx IGNITE

Manage all aspects of your performance and products directly from our Ignite platform. Our Business Center is designed for you to see your Executive Performance Reports for your MarketSparx Products, see your Activities, configure information about your business and control user access. This is also where you will manage your online reputation, request reviews, post to your social accounts and more!

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Our Business Center, designed for you to see your Executive Performance Reports, Activities, MarketSparx Products and more.

  • Robust Reports with Key Performance Indicators from across the marketing stack, including Reviews, Listings, Social, Website, SEO and Advertising. Reports for each of the MarketSparx products you are using. All reports are 100% mobile friendly!

  • Short-term changes and long-term trends, metrics week-over-week or month-over-month

Executive Report Gallery
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Report Listings
Report Reputation
Report Social
Report Website
Report seo
Report Advertising
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