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Video Production FAQ

How does it this product work? What happens after activation?

Using our easy, web-based dashboard, you select all of the custom aspects of your video.

  1. This starts with our large selection of on-camera spokespeople, including what they will wear on camera.

  2. Then select the studio background, the graphics, the voiceover artist, and everything else that will make up the video.

  3. Finally, add a script.

  4. Your selected spokesperson will shoot your script in front of your selected background.

  5. The fully edited video with custom graphics will be delivered within two business days.

How long does the video production process take?

Once the full order is placed and submitted in the product dashboard, the completed video will be delivered within 3-5 business days. There will be a link to download the completed video in the product dashboard.

How is the video encoded?

We deliver the video in two standard formats: MP4 and MOV. A link to download both versions will be provided.

How long is the video?

The video can be up to one minute long. Studies show that customers prefer business videos that are less than one minute.

How can the video be hosted or streamed?

YouTube provides free hosting/streaming and can be easily embedded onto a website. Videos can also be uploaded directly to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Is a closed captioning file included with the video?

Yes! An SRT file with a time-coded transcription of the video is included at no extra charge.

SRT files sometimes cost as much as $50 per minute of video to produce. Our SRT file is human-generated, as opposed to the computer-generated caption option on most video and social media platforms, which means it is more accurate. Closed captioning is important (and sometimes required) for helping the hearing-impaired understand the video. But it is equally important for the entire audience because many people prefer to watch videos with the sound turned off (because they are in the office or other environments where sound would be a distraction).

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